What’s the point of becoming the champion, only to look back and realised you have lived the last 10, 20 or even 30 years miserable! The scenario is even more grim when you consider how many actually become champions. Who wants to sacrifice happiness to achieve a certain goal and not even achieve it?

Who said we cannot have our cake and eat it too!!!

The Mindful Dancer’s (TMD) mission is to inspire dancers around the world to focus on their own well being and prioritise their personal development. It is too common a scenario to see dancers struggling with low levels of self confidence, limited financial freedom, body image issues, lack of self worth and living out of absolute fear. As a result you will often see outbursts of frustration, annoyance and anger and generally appearing run down. In some cases it can even show more long term personality shifts such as becoming more passive, submissive, controlling or becoming indifferent or insincere. 

The great news it is in our power to change these things! 

 Most dancers are accustomed to nourishing and sculpting their bodies for optimum performance, but how many give the same importance to the way they think, act and plan? TMD believes that these elements are equally important if not THE most crucial part of the puzzle as they are what will motivate and inspire a chain of events that will manifest success and abundance in every component of your life. TMD is here to promote awareness of such thinking, make suggestions on how to implement change, provide tools which have been proven successful and to inspire you to live the best version of you possible so you can grace the world with dancing that is beyond your wildest dreams all the while living the life that is BLISS for you! 



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