With over 30 years experience in the competitive dancing world, I can honestly say I think I’ve seen or heard it all! Over the years I have stood from the viewpoint of a competitor, adjudicator, teacher, studio proprietor and tried with an open mind to view this world as a non dancer. I wish to express and share beliefs from all these different angles in my blogs and podcasts. 

 Despite satisfaction and fulfilment in the roles I’ve listed above, my attention has recently turned to how I can help dancers find their authentic selves. I strongly believe that this can become massively distorted in the rocky road of a dancer. Almost every aspect of a dancer’s training is addressed given the competitive nature of the art today, but the area of personal development and mental strength is often left unconsidered or not valued. I reflect on my career and wish I had discovered earlier the tools that I apply to my everyday life now. Having said that though, I am grateful for how things have evolved as it has provided me with the inspiration to help others achieve more freedom and happiness in their dance careers. 

 In addition to my dancing background, I also have a degree in Occupational Therapy. The education and experience I have gained working previously as an OT has strengthened my natural instinct to observe situations holistically. Everyone is an individual, everyone is unique and everyone has their own needs. The hard part though is to really discover for yourself what your skills are, what your needs are and to then embrace your individuality.  

 It is important to note that no information on this site is intended to diagnose or treat symptoms or conditions. If you have serious concerns, then you should consult the appropriate professional. The Mindful Dancer should be considered a guide to assist you to discover more about yourself, provide concepts that are thought provoking and to assist you to live your life (and dance career) to its absolute fullest.